Thursday, July 21, 2011

Russia Program Director Speaks About Recent US / Russia Adoption Agreement

On July 13th, the US and Russia signed a bilateral adoptions agreement to strengthen safeguards in inter-country adoption. Children’s Hope Russia Program Director Anna Rister breaks down what details are currently known, how the agreement affects families currently in process and what future families may expect in their adoption process as well. We are excited to have the agreement signed and look forward to sharing more details with you in this week’s CHI-TV segment.

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Details of the US - Russia Adoption Agreement from Children's Hope International


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Russia / U.S. Agreement Signed: International Adoption Safeguards to be Implemented

Today July 13th the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security announced Secretary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov signed a bilateral adoptions agreement. This agreement is meant to strengthen procedural safeguards in adoptions between the US and Russia.

"Children's Hope International is happy to announce that today, Russia and the US signed the inter-country adoption agreement," says Anna Rister, Children's Hope International's Russia Program Director.

"This was a long awaited agreement between the two countries. The new agreement will clarify the requirements and the adoption process overall, but more importantly will ensure the well-being of the adopted children. We are very pleased that the agreement was finally signed and look forward to seeing positive changes in Russian adoption process."

This is great news for families of Russia international adoptions!

FAQ on the Agreement
Read the Department of State's frequently asked questions, which gives clear information concerning this agreement.

Russia - Notice: Secretary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Sign Adoption Agreement

Read the Deparment of State's adoption  news alert.


Outside the Box: Cutting Costs and Fundraising Towards Your International Adoption!

Do you think outside the box when it comes to funding your international adoption? Join us for today's Adoption Conversation led by author Julie Gumm of Adopt Without Debt via CHI-TV.

Cutting cable has been a great way to bring savings for families for decades, but with new technology available dropping your cable bill does not necessarily mean cutting programming or media.Watch this CHI-TV episode to learn more as Julie explains several techniques to bring programming to your tv with just a small upfront investment (and no or little ongoing monthly bills).

Adopting without Debt- Part 3 from Children's Hope International on Vimeo.

Also this week, Julie Gumm talks about her favorite fundraiser. While researching for her book Adopt Without Debt, Julie interviewed many families about how they raised funds. Not only does fundraising bring extra money when, say, your travel is suddenly sooner than you thought or if your fingerprints expire; fundraising also brings friends and family into the adoption process and includes them on this major life change, before your baby or child has even come into your family. The fundraiser mentioned in this CHI-TV brought together an entire work force and created bonds among friends with a great motive.

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Next time with Julie, return to learn about adoption grants, earning additional income and more. For Julie's full cost-savings arsenal, purchase her book via her website Adopt Without Debt. This series is a part of CHI-TV - video by Children’s Hope adoption experts and professional guests, answering questions important to you and your adoption.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Considering International Adoption Vs. Domestic Adoption :: What Really Are the Differences?

Some say domestic adoption is "too scary" while others say international adoption is "too uncertain"; what really are the differences between adopting internationally and adopting domestically? Social Worker Ashley Bennett lays out what draws adoptive parents to one or the other. By day, she is an Ethiopian adoption coordinator, by night Ashley helps clients with their domestic adoption process. She's well equipped to help you through this quandary - international or domestic; which is the right fit for my family?

Domestic or International Adoption- A Prospective Parent's Quandary from Children's Hope International on Vimeo.

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