Monday, June 24, 2013

You're invited! Video Visit to Alenah's Home

Our staff at Alenah's Home, our CHI Foster home, want to invite everyone to visit and work with the children receiving love and physical therapy there.
Watch the video to see what awaits! 

to plan your visit!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Helping at Alenah's...

Alenah's Home is our CHI foster home where orphans receive physical therapy and, equally important, individualized attentio and the loving care needed to grow and thrive.

Right now there are about 4 mothers and daughters from the U.S., volunteering for about two weeks at our Alenah’s Home in Beijing. It happens frequently and we would welcome a chance to tell you more about it. 

Email to learn more..

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alenah's Home on FaceBook!

Click on the photo to see what's happening at Alenah's Home in China.

Facebook is back in China and Alenah's Home, our own CHI foster home, has its own page! 

You may not be able to read all the text but the pictures are definitely worth a thousand words (at least!) 

Click on the photo to take a look.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Wendy Faith has learned to make delicious dumplings from 
her foster mom.
So many people were intrigued by Wendy, our little girl who celebrated her 6th birthday this week.  Wendy is currently with a foster family under the supervision of  Love without Boundaries.  Her foster mom calls her Sunshine in a Body!

Click on the logo to see
Wendy Faith's Birthday Blog

Love Without Boundaries posted a wonderful Birthday Blog for Wendy (whom they call Faith). They have known this child for quite a while and are eager to help her find a family.

Click the video button to see the wonderful Wendy Faith in action.  That girl can dance!

Check it all out and email to learn how single moms or married couples can adopt this little sunbeam.

more surgery for Haodi...

Haodi is growing in body and spirit as she continues to 
travel from China to Shriners' Burn Hospital in Boston for 
reconstructive surgery
 Sheng Zheng Wei, nicknamed Haodi, from Shandong Province, China, and ‘adopted’ by many in America returned to China from Shriners' Hopital Burn Unit in Boston...once again.

Her first trip to Boston in 2007 saved her life. This current visit to Shriners Burn Hospital continued  the surgery needed to make necessary changes for Haodi’s life and looks. Haodi was less than 1-year-old when a tipped pot of boiled noodles poured down her face in 2006. The burns were so severe, that her neck and chest fused together making it extremely difficult to breath and eat. There was a national outcry for help in the media and on the internet in China.

With the support of donors, Children’s Hope was able to fly Haodi and her mom to Boston on the last day of 2006. It took expert surgery at Shriner’s Hospital to keep Haodi alive. After nine months of operations and therapy, Haodi and her mom were able to go home to family in China. The family knew however, Haodi would have to return to continue for several rounds of reconstructive surgery. In March (2008), Children’s Hope flew Haodi and her mom to Boston for a second trip, as well as finding volunteer families to assist with transportation and housing. The former visits were a success in literally saving Haodi’s life and working toward restoration of her face.

The care at Shriners is free, but there are transportation and everyday expenses for Haodi and her mom while in Boston.

To help cover those costs fro Haodi and other suffering children, please click here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Rescue in Ethiopia...


Our staff in Ethiopia learned of an orphanage where funds had been misappropriated and the children were left pretty much on their own.

Two CHI workers traveled over 6 hours on rocky roads to bring supplies.  Our workers bought milk, food and diapers and stayed until all the children had been bathed, had diaper and clothes changes, food to eat and milk to drink. They were allowed to take Tamrat, an exceedingly weak baby, back to the CHI House of Hope. “We left the city with Tamrat at 8pm in the evening as there is no hotel around to stay at. We have been praying all the way as the road is very rough and there was no light on the streets. Besides, Tamrat was very weak and has been suffering from stomach ache. After three hours, we have arrived at Hosana city, which has a hotel. We spent the night at the hotel but Tamrat didn’t sleep all night…. The Lord applied His mercy over us and Tamrat became better and better after 3pm. We started our trip again 7am in the morning and arrived in Addis around 11:30 am. When we arrived at House of Hope, all the nannies and staff welcomed Tamrat with love. We are writing this all as we feel very happy to be part of this blessing.”
We can all be part of this blessing .  Get started now.

Click the button to help in Ethiopia

Friday, June 14, 2013

Our birthday girl!!!!

Today is Wendy's birthday.

The best gift she can wish for is a family of her own. Could you give her that birthday gift? Please share this message. You can see Wendy's birthday dance at

Wendy can be adopted by single moms or married couples.

Email to learn more.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another 2013 graduate...


Proud parents Paul and Sally Peterson of Bourne, Texas want to share their happiness and pride in daughter Emily Clay Peterson's graduation from Bourne High School.  Emily was adopted in 1995.

Yay, Emily!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chocolate sales for YES School in India...

 My wife Alice and I adopted our son Prasad from Paparao about 15 years ago at age 4. He is now turning 19 and is graduating from high school. The time has gone so fast!  

The sign at the top says FREE EDUCATION.  The sign at the
bottom says Thanks to donors who support the YES school.

For the past 7 years,  we have raised most of the money we've sent to support the YES school by having a chocolate stand at different locations in our current hometown of Fairfield, Iowa. The people in this town have been extraordinarily supportive of YES! by buying chocolate but also by sponsoring one or more children for $25 a year. Prasad wants to go to college in Oregon so we are moving back to our house in the Portland area at the end of June. I plan to continue to raise money to support YES in our town of West Linn, Oregon.

It addition, it is a VERY fortunate thing for the YES school that Ella Craig and her mother, Joy (with support from dad, Jim and brother Henry), want to continue the chocolate sales here in Fairfield at the farmer's market where they sell flowers etc. from their farm each week. Ella is a wonderful young lady who has helped me sell chocolate many times through the years and, actually, is better at it then I am! Her mother Joy has indicated that she will support Ella by helping with the ordering of the chocolate, sending 'thank you' emails, helping Ella send the monthly donation and fundraising check(s) to CHI Partners in Hope.
Ed, Alice and Prasad Monk
Fairfield, Iowa

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

an update from Alenah's House...

 Alenah's House is our CHI foster home where children receive physical therapy and, equally important, a sense of family love.  Here's the latest from one of the volunteers:

Hi Everyone,
Annu and I went to Alenah's today and were lucky enough to find all the children playing out the back.  It is a little late tonight, so I shall just pass on some quick notes.
We're hoping to get some paper to do activities with the kids.  I looked for some at home tonight to pass to you to take but couldn't find any.  I will try to pick some up this week and get it to her but if any of you have any at home it may be handy to take it in.
Little HuiHui with one of the Ayis at Alenah' House
Hui Hui was wearing the large braces on both of her arms today but Annu removed them and kept Hui Hui happy and distracted with her big box of bricks and she never scratched herself.
While Annu was giving XiXi lunch today she had an epileptic fit.  Neither of us knew she had epilepsy and thought it was important to pass on to the rest of you.  It did not last for many minutes but was a little worrying as Annu had just put some food in her mouth and there was the risk she might choke.  We got her out of her chair quickly so her head and neck were in a better position in case she had food still in her throat.  We then called in an Ayi who came and held Xi Xi on her lap until the seizure was over.  Annu is hoping to learn if  Xi Xi has any medicine she should take when she has a seizure or is it not available to her? We keep hoping for  progress on getting Ru Huan a wheelchair.  I know many emails have expressed how much we would like to see her have this equipment.

More later.....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Running for Bright Hope School


My company Reed Elsevier created a fitness challenge about 5 years ago, designed to encourage its employees to get active around the first of the year.  In this competition, teams of 5 are formed.  Those teams can choose to log miles running, swimming, biking, or walking.  Around 80 or so teams competed for three months (Feb 1 - April 30).  During this time, each team logged their respective miles, the winning team in each respective category as of April 30 was awarded $1000 donated to their favorite charity.

Kate Townley got me involved in the Ethiopia Bright Hope School initiative about 4 years ago.  I have been passionate about the effort at the school ever since.  I enjoy running so it was a natural fit for me to join this competition and rally our team towards the cause at Bright Hope School.  Over the course of the three months, we set a goal of running 2500 miles, about 39 miles per person each week.  However, we faced some pretty stiff competition and had to reset our goals to stay with the competition.  At the end of April, we ran just shy of 2800 miles, averaging a little more than 42 miles per person each week.  Towards the end of the competition, we were all very tired, many of us hurting and aching in some way.  The vision of sending money to a community that was very much less fortunate than us drove us to push the extra mile to win this thing.  We even had a couple of guys who essentially ran a marathon (26 miles) the last 24 hours to ensure that we would win.

It was an enjoyable and tiring competition, but one that we are glad to have done in an effort to do for one community what we wish we could do for the whole country.
- Brad Dolesh
   Bozeman, Montana