Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Lindy....


There has been tons of excitement for Little Couple Bill and Jen's adoption of little William.  So much happiness on behalf of this famous family and their adopted little son!!!

Now it's time to meet Little Lindy.  Lindy turns five this May. Her aunties report that "She is a lovely girl, she is very active. She can get along well with another children, she is one of the most popular partners in the activity. She likes to help others. Lindy is very smart, she likes to ask why, she can sing the children's songs, she likes to draw pictures, the imitate ability of her is strong. She can speak all her classmates' names, and she can speak sentences clearly. She can understand the content of the story and the teacher’s question, and tell the right answer. She can speak more than four kinds of common colors. She knows some of the common object in the daily life. She can copy simple numbers. She can draw a square and triangle."

In other words, Lindy is a wonderful girl! Like Little William, Lindy is a child of great potential in a little body. All she needs is a family of her own.  Lindy's adoptive parents don't need to be little people. They need only have big hearts for Lindy.

Lindy can be adopted by a single mom or a married couple who have completed their homestudy.
Call Mary House 773 647 2610 or email to learn more.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sneak Peek - Little William is home...

Set your DVR's-

The little couple and their recently expanded family are back on TV.  Bill and Jen will appear on Katie Couric this Friday, April 26, and their regular series premiers with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, April 30.  The popular couple found their son and brought him home with the help of Children's Hope International and Rainbow Kids.

Tap the button below to see some of the wonderful children waiting for just the right parents.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little Couple to appear on Katie Couric Show


The popular Little Couple will appear this Friday afternoon - April 26 - on the Katie Couric show.

Bill and Jen brought home their little William with the help of Children's Hope International and Rainbow Kids. Katie will have a candid conversation with TLC’s The Little Couple on their fertility struggles and how they are relishing life in Texas with their new son. (Our sources tell us there might be a baby shower in the works!)  Check local listings and DON'T MISS IT!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Severely Burned Haodi Back in Boston

 For a 2-year-old burn victim, it must be hard to understand why she has to leave her friends and family behind in China, only to experience increased physical pain from yet another surgery. Sheng Zheng Wei, nicknamed Haodi, from Shandong Province, China, and ‘adopted’ by many in America is back in Boston again, on her road to health and normal appearance..

Her first trip to Boston in 2007 saved her life. This current visit to Shriners Burn Hospital is to continue the surgery needed to make necessary changes for Haodi’s life and looks.  Haodi was less than 1-year-old when a tipped pot of boiled noodles poured down her face in 2006. The burns were so severe, that her neck and chest fused together making it extremely difficult to breath and eat.
There was a national outcry for help in the media and on the internet in China. 

With the support of donors, Children’s Hope was able to fly Haodi and her mom to Boston on the last day of 2006. It took expert surgery at Shriner’s Hospital to keep Haodi alive. After nine months of operations and therapy, Haodi and her mom were able to go home to family in China. The family knew however, Haodi would have to return to continue for several rounds of reconstructive surgery.  In March (2008), Children’s Hope flew Haodi and her mom to Boston for a second trip, as well as finding volunteer families to assist with transportation and housing. The former visits were a success in literally saving Haodi’s life and working toward restoration of her face.

The care at Shriners is free, but there are transportation and everyday expenses for Haodi and her mom while in Boston.
To help cover those daily living costs, please click here. : 

Look for Children's Hope International on FaceBook 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


                                   WITH CHILDREN'S HOPE INTERNATIONAL
Season five returns Tuesday, April 30th at 10/9c

[Los Angeles, CA]-- Their dreams of having a child have finally come true. After a long and emotional journey to parenthood, Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold from TLC’s The Little Couple have welcomed a new member to their family.
Fans have followed as the couple faced fertility and surrogacy challenges, including the heartbreaking moment when their surrogate suffered a miscarriage. Determined to stop at nothing to grow their family, Bill and Jen have decided to pursue international adoption with a focus on finding a child with special needs.
This season follows the busy Houston-based couple as they embark on this journey while still juggling their demanding careers. Bill is expanding their pet store, Rocky & Maggie’s, while Dr. Arnold continues to face life or death decisions as a neonatologist at Texas Children’s Hospital.
In the premiere, Bill and Jen meet with the founder of Rainbow Kids, an adoption advocacy website that helps special needs children from across the world find a home. The couple not only finds out that they are good candidates for adoption, but there may be a child with dwarfism from China who has just become available. The reality of becoming parents is closer than ever, and on this season of TLC’s The Little Couple, Bill and Jen embark on an amazing new adventure that will take them around the world, present them with unforeseen challenges, and change their lives forever.  Bill and Jen found their son and will bring him home with the help of Children's Hope International.
TLC’s The Little Couple returns Tuesday, April 30th with two new back to back episodes at 10PM and 10:30 PM ET/PT.

Wonderful Sons are waiting...

We've just posted some really wonderful boys on our China Waiting Children page. 

China Waiting Children can be adopted by single moms or married couples who have completed a qualifying homestudy.

Click on the picture to see them all!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Affording your international adoption...


Wondering how to afford your international adoption?   

Don't forget about the $12,000 tax credit.

Check out to read all about it. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mission Accomplished - Rice for North Korean Families


Add The first truck, loaded with one ton of rice
from you who gave, gets ready to rollcaption
Thanks to your immediate response to the need for 5 tons of rice for North Korea, it was met-
plus hundreds of 40 gallon containers of Kimchi, 170 bundles of clothes @ 45lbs each plus 10
sewing machines were sent in to a village of 400 who would otherwise be left without
sustenance. I don't have adequate words to express my gratitude to you so I must simply
say "Thanks!"

If you were unable to participate in this effort a few weeks ago, there is still time for you to join
in. The need continues. New and genuine doors come open every week. I hope you can trust
me when I say that I know the people doing this - and I know it is getting done with integrity!
There is real suffering and hunger and you are making a difference.

Can you buy a ton of rice to feed the truly deprived families of North Korea?

This is a nation closed to the world - but open to our help through my trusted friends . A ton of
rice costs $1000 but you need to include another $150 to help us help them make it happen.
Every gift helps!

You can help right here, right now:
With deepest Gratitude

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The boy of the week...

 CHI's Jeremy is the featured child on Rainbow Kids this week He is POST-OP for meningocele and can run and play with all the other kids at our CHI foster home.  Jeremy can be adopted by married couples or single moms who have a completed home study.  Take a look at Jeremy's video now!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

for St Louis Area Families

STUCK  is a new award-winning documentary, produced by Both Ends Burning, that uncovers the real-life stories of children and parents navigating through the international adoption system.

We hope to gather our adoptive families at the
AMC Chesterfield, 300 Chesterfield Center,
 on Friday, April 19. 

(notice the Free Portrait offer).


Monday, April 1, 2013

from a Proud Mom

We adopted our daughter Rebecca (born  in Tomsk Siberia 3.11.02) with the help of CHI in 2002. Rebecca is now 11 years old. She adores horses and rides once a week and is around them every chance she gets. She is a very good gymnast and adores reading.

Becca is an extremely talented artist as you can see from her painting!