Monday, August 15, 2011

Returning to China, Her Homeland, for the First Time

"For 13-year-old Leah Maxey, the trip was a lifetime in the making. She and her parents, Robert and Kathy Maxey, had been talking about a trip to China 'pretty much ever since I can remember,' Leah said.

Last month, they finally went."

Read the Maxey's full story on their Return to China trip (featured in the Columbia Daily Tribune), as they experienced Leah's birth country for the first time since their adoption trip in 1999.

Adopted children have been coming home from China since the country opened to international adoptions in 1992. Many of our sons and daughters are old enough now to visit their homeland and see with confident eyes the land where they were born. Is the time right for your family to Return to China?

Learn more about homeland tours. 

We are currently setting dates for SUMMER, 2012 RETURN TO CHINA travel.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Haodi - Burned by Scalding Noodle Water at 1 Year - Enroute to Boston Hospital

Flying into Boston today from Beijing, a child burned by scalding noodle water at 1-year will receive reconstructive surgery on her burn wounds at Shriner's Hospital in Boston. This is Haodi's third trip to Boston in 5 years. Welcome Haodi and a big thank you to Shriner's for their continued aid to this young girl!

Read more about Haodi's trip to Boston and view a "photo diary" sharing her journey of recovery thus far at Hope's Purpose, Children's Hope Humanitarian Blog.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Full Table" :: A Children's Hope Family Contribution

It's the little moments that count. Last night, we had a nice Sunday night family dinner. Our normal tradition is to all hold hands and say a small short prayer and then we all share what we are thankful for that particular day. In years past, this may have included such things as "chocolate milk." "Thank you God for my chocolate milk"... funny, it all counts right?

Anyways, my son Keegan made the nice comment that pretty soon our table will be full! Yep, he's right! We no longer will have that one empty chair, all seats will be full. I paused for a moment and looked around at my 3 beautiful children's faces as they laughed and poked fun at each other. How I cant wait to see the face of #4! What will she look like? Indeed not the blonde hair that my other 3 children have. (Yes, maybe I wont be the only NON- blonde in the family.) What will her name be? How old will she really be? Will she laugh and poke fun just the same? Indeed I cant wait. All chairs will be full and the Karki family will be COMPLETE! Its the little moments...

Please continue to pray for strength and faith for the journey we are all on.

- Carrie, "waiting" adoptive mom in the Ethiopia Program