Monday, March 25, 2013

Lots of Surprises for Madeline!

Madeleine Isabel Bao Yi Belsie came home to Massachusetts in June of 2012.  Madeline was 8 years old when she met her new mom and daddy and big sister Grace. Madeline has had lots of "firsts" since she arrived - learning English, trying new foods, discovering the crunchy leaves of a New England autumn, experiencing American holidays and... shoveling snow! Madeline is from Guandong province in the south of China, so snow is - for now - a definite novelty. 

Madeline came home through CHI's China Waiting Children program. Now, while she is getting accustomed to all her "firsts," Madeline is flourishing in the love of her family. Way to go, Madeline!!!

Visit CHINA WAITING CHILDREN to learn more about international adoption and China's Waiting Children.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Proud American...

 Our Executive Director, Dwyatt Gantt,  received this email message from a proud mother of a wonderful daughter:

God blessed us with our beautiful daughter in Jan 1997. She is the joy if our life. I remember waiting for her and thinking it was a life time! But God already had his plan in place for us and for her! What perfect timing what a perfect plan it was. I want to share with you a speech she wrote last year. First, I thank God for this amazing beautiful child! Second I thank you and Children's Hope for helping change our life! We are truly blessed! ​​​ 
Proud to be an American
-written by Courtney Owens  age 15

In 1996 I was born in Changsha China. I was abandoned, found by local authorities and taken to an orphanage to live. But….God had a better plan for me. He knew an American couple that needed me as much as I needed them and that is where my life began. So… at 9 months old, I was blessed with the two loving American people that God knew and they became my mom and dad.
I am so proud to be an American; I have been given the gift of endless opportunities. I have the freedom of religion and have been raised in a strong Christian home which has taught me morals and values and make me who I am today. I have been given the gift of equality and the right to pursue the education and career of my choice. Lastly as a citizen of this great country; I have the opportunity to give back the gifts I have been blessed with.
At age 16 I can drive a car, at age 18 I can go to the polls and vote. And according to my dad; at the age of 30; I can date.
I hope to someday go back and visit my birth place, but America will always be my home.
I am an American Girl and I am proud to be an American!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jeremy is 5 years old and he is a fantastic kid! He's bright, cheerful, eager to be involved in things. He enjoys doing crafts, and is actually quite good at them. The aunties report that Jeremy "likes helping other children. Every time when distributing snacks, to a child with no hands, Jeremy will say on his own initiative: 'teacher, I feed him.' All aunts like him very much." 

Jeremy currently lives at our CHI foster home. He is post-operative for meningocele and tethered cord. He walks slower than the other kids, but he does walk independently and can go up and down stairs by himself. Jeremy is in physical therapy on a daily basis and is improving every day. He would improve even faster with a family of his own!  

You can see Jeremy in action and learn more about China's Waiting Children at


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Little People Adopting with Children's Hope

 "The Little Couple" stars Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are about to become a trio. "We are thrilled to announce that we are adopting a beautiful young boy from China," the pair told their TV viewers. "We are so proud to welcome William to our family and look forward to bringing him home." 
Bill and Jen worked with Chidren's Hope International and Rainbow Kids to find their son, a  3-year-old boy, who has dwarfism like both of his new parents. William is the first child for this happy couple.
Since 2009, viewers have followed the businessman and pediatrician, both of whom are under 4 feet tall, as they navigated marriage, managed challenging careers and attempted to expand their family.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS - The sixth season of "The Little Couple" premieres on TLC on Tuesday,  April 30.  Viewers will be able to see Bill, Jen and little William in China!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Home from Colombia


Dennis and Ruth Ann Shively thought about adoption for a long time.  They did all the work necessary to adopt through the foster care system in their home state.  Just as they were ready to go forward with that, the law changed  - families with five kids were no longer eligible to adopt through foster care. Dennis thought maybe God was telling them they shouldn't adopt.  Their caseworker wondered if maybe God was saying that they should adopt internationally.

The Shivelys left for Colombia in February to bring Carmen and Victor home to their brothers and sisters. Now, "La Familia Shively" is busy introducing their new members to snow and all the other wonders of life in the USA.  "It is a whale of a challenge," Ruth reports, "but we are so glad we did it!"

Email Nichole Deal to learn more about adoption from Colombia.