Wednesday, January 23, 2013

        A Son from China?

When most people think of international adoption from China, they picture darling little girls. It's common "knowledge" that there are no boys available for adoption from China. Take a look at the little guys pictured here and think again. Lots and lots of boys are waiting in China for families to take them into their hearts and homes. Here are some very good reasons to choose a SON from China -

Boys are a wonder of creation!  They're full of big plans and big ideas. They love to eat mom's cooking and are always eager for dad's approval. 


Boys are lots of FUN!  They love a good joke - even when the joke's on them. Their imaginations are spilling over with outer space and inner possibilities.

Boys are EASY TO PLEASE!  All you have to do is feed their bodies with good food and feed their spirits with heartfelt appreciation. Boys will follow you to the ends of the earth for those two items.

Boys can be really HELPFUL!  You just have to admire their muscles and ingenuity and they're happy to rake the yard and carry the groceries and figure out how to fix your computer.

All the boys shown  here are waiting for a family to appreciate them for exactly who they are - rock  em, sock 'em boys who need a mom and daddy to love and nurture them, body and soul. They come in all  sizes from pint-sized babies to grown-up twelve year olds. Many of these fine fellows can be adopted by single moms.
So, if you don't mind that boys are usually not much for shopping, click on the button below to learn about these wonderful boys and how you might welcome one into your heart and home!