Friday, May 18, 2007

96 China Adoptive Families Stranded Last Month Due to Visa Issuance Delays

As reported by The Argus Leader on May 10, ninety-six China adoptive families were set to return to the United States after completing their China adoptions on April 14 and 15. A State Department technical difficulty with the computer used to issue visas to adopted children caused a several-day backup.

Due to the Guangzhou Trade Fair in progress, hotel stays were difficult to extend and many families feared they would have no overnight accommodations. A call from Senator John Thune of South Dakota helped speed families' return home.

"This type of situation does occasionally occur. The families usually
are able to get their child's visa processed the next day. At Children's Hope, we ask families not to book flights or schedule their leave from Guangzhou on the same night they are to receive their child's visa, in case of a delay," says Karolyn Tucker, Children's Hope China Travel Coordinator.

No Children's Hope families were involved in the April delay in China.


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