Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Agreement with Additional Ethiopia Orphanage; More Families May Finalize Their Ethiopia Adoption with Court Closing Date in August

Breaking News for Children’s Hope Ethiopia Adoptions:
Children’s Hope has signed an agreement in Ethiopia with Hope for Abandoned Children and Orphan Care Association, a private orphanage in Addis Ababa. The founder and director of the orphanage once served at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. She is very familiar with the adoption process and is well known and respected by the government. This orphanage is able to place children of all ages, even infants.

In more news, the Ethiopian courts will not close in July this year, but will close August 5 for holiday. Any family whose adoption is finalized by the Ethiopian court prior to this date will be able to travel to pick up their child(ren) even after the courts have closed. These families, as all do throughout the year, will complete paperwork at the American Embassy only while in country. Although the exact date of its reopening is unknown, the courts will remain closed for approximately two months.


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