Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Her Homeland Tour: China Through 12-Year-Old Emily's Eyes

Adopted from China as a four-month-old infant in 1995, the now 12-year-old Emily returns to her homeland on a Children's Hope Homeland Tour.

"Growing up my parents always told us stories of adopted families that had adopted children just like our family. My mom and dad also told Rebecca and me that we would soon return to China to discover what our homeland looked like. In just two weeks I am planning to return to China with my family. In just two weeks we will get to go to the cities of Wuhan, Zhanjiang, Beijing, Guangzhou, and to Hong Kong."

The anticipation of those two weeks has passed, and now the St. Louis family has spent their first day in China. Follow Emily's travels in country in the blog Returning to Our Homeland and see the perspective of a young woman as she sees her homeland for the first time.



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