Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Mission to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“This was my first mission trip. Many people told me before leaving, ‘You’ll probably get more out of it than you will give.’ Those people were absolutely right,” says Toni.

Toni Lynch, an integral member of Children’s Hope China Team, spent the last three weeks in the heart of Ethiopia, aiding lepers and the HIV-positive community—and then working to open Children’s Hope transition home “House of Hope”.

Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is a city of over 3.5 million people, most living far below poverty level. Ironically, those Toni visited offered her the little they had. “Their situation is getting worse... It’s a vicious cycle that would seem to offer little hope. Despite all, these people cling to hope.”

See how both the love and poverty of Ethiopia has changed Toni and left her forever altered in the awareness of a third world country reality. Read her letter to friends, family and now you, here.


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Anonymous said...

I loved your letter. I am currently trying to head over to Ethiopia myself and hope to adopt from there one day. My friend told me about this site but I am single and do not qualify at this time but perhaps when I get back I will. Check out my blog
Your letter was a confirmation of what I already knew to be true in my heart of the Ethiopian people. Thank you