Friday, August 3, 2007

An Ethiopia Adoption Finalized: Children's Hope Second Pioneer Family Set to Travel!

With the Ethiopian courts officially on break now until October 1 for the Ethiopia rainy season, we are even more excited to announce our second pioneer family's adoption finalization! Jenni and James of Illinois became the official parents of 3-month-old Mamush (literally "little boy, my baby") on August 2. A big congratulations to this Children's Hope family!

The family will travel to Ethiopia to meet their son at the Children’s Hope transition home House of Hope in mid-August. "He will always be our 'Mamush'," says Jenni. "We're gonna be on our way to see our son's beautiful face for the first time. This is really happening!"

Caption: (above) Jenni and James experience pure emotion when they see their child's first picture on their referral day, July 16. (below) Meet Mamush.


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