Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Prayers for Isabelle

Isabelle Vishnesky is a runner, a jumper and quite a little climber. She LOVES the water, and will no doubt be taking swimming lessons next summer if her surgery schedule permits. She’s also quite the girly-girl and was just thrilled when her hair finally got long enough for some pig tails!

Isabelle Vishnesky is just beautiful! Adopted from China in November 2006, Isabelle's family is planning for her best and hopes to help their daughter achieve a more conventional appearance. She had her first surgery on August 13 to insert skin expanders in preparation for removing a large portion of her nevus on November 5. She took it like a trooper and was up and ready to take on the world the very next day! Of course, her parents know that’s not the best idea, so she’s a little upset with them because they keep reminding her, “No running, no jumping, no climbing! You need to relax!” Not a three-year-old’s favorite things to hear! The skin expansion process is underway for her November surgery.

We hope her beautiful smile inspires all who see her. This is a prayer request for a successful surgery and smooth healing; this little girl has come a long way but she still has far to go. Please include Isabelle and her family in your daily prayers.

To learn more about giant nevi, visit WebMD's online.


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