Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moon Festival Celebrations!

Whether you call it the Fifteenth of the Eighth Moon, August 14, Year of the Pig or simply September 25, 2007—today marks one of the most important dates on the Lunar Calendar: the Moon Festival, celebrated in both China and Vietnam.

Families and Asian communities across the US began celebrating this past weekend and many have celebrations today and into the coming weekend. Eat the traditional moon cakes outside under the moon with your family and friends, lead a parade of lit lanterns down your street, or plant a tree in honor of the harvest to celebrate this great day of abundance.

Children’s Hope participated in many activities in orphanages and poor communities within Vietnam yesterday (due to the time difference). In the Vinh Long and Tam Binh 1 and 2 orphanages, the children enjoyed lanterns, a special lunch and moon cakes for the festival. In Vinh Long two separate festivals were planned for the areas poor children, one within the community and another in the surrounding rural areas. Within the community, 480 children were presented with small gifts in celebration. We hope to share pictures of these festivities in the next E-news!

Children’s Hope wishes you and your family a happy Moon Festival!


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