Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Has God Provided Financially in Your Adoption?

Now there is an opportunity to share how God has worked in your life to provide the means of bringing a child to your family through adoption, to a national radio audience...

Last year FamilyLife Today, Steven Curtis Chapman and Focus on the Family launched an inaugural effort to raise awareness for God's heart for orphans through the Voice of the Orphan campaign. This year's campaign, Cry of the Orphan, will run November 12-16, and is partnered with Crown Financial Ministries and their nationally syndicated program Money Matters.

Children's Hope families have the opportunity to share how God has provided financially for their adoption and perhaps be on the air with Money Matters radio program in November.

The idea is to share how the Lord has worked in overcoming financial needs during the adoption process. It could be that Hope for Orphans, Life International, Shaohannah's Hope, ABBA Fund or someone else supported your family financially, and how God worked in your adoption decision.

Money Matters has a toll-free number you may call at any time to record your story. There is no guarantee that all testimonies will be used on the air, but those not used in November may be aired when the topic comes up again in the future.

To participate:

Call 1-800-525-7000
Press -3- for testimonies
The message will say, "If you have a short testimony of the way God has used Crown Financial Ministries and Money Matters in your life, please press 3."

If your testimony is not directly attributed to Crown, you may still participate. How did trusting God bring you through financial hurdles in your adoption process?
"Many of our families have received grants through Shaohannah's Hope, which gives approximately $3,000 towards an international adoption for each approved family," says Southeast Branch Director Brenda Barker. "This is a great resource. Shaohannah's Hope is a wonderful supporter of international adoption."


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