Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Twelve Children's Hope China Families Usher in October with Referrals!

Children's Hope China team received twelve referrals today for our 11/28/05 log-in-date families and our 8/8/06 and 8/29/06 Chinese expedited families! The referrals are for twelve beautiful little girls from the Chongqing, Jiangxi and Shanghai provinces. These girls range in age from 6.5 to 9 months, and one 2.5-year-old (parents requested 2-4 years of age). Our families waited 22 months from the completion of their adoption paperwork to referral; the Chinese expedited families, 14 months. We expect these families to travel in about 8 weeks.

This group of referrals began with the 11/26/05 log-in-date, but we currently do not know the cut off date for this referral group. The CCAA did not update their web site before leaving for the China National Holiday (10/1 to 10/8).

Congratulations to these families and all our China families who have moved up in line!

In October 2, 2007, Children’s Hope also received ten official referrals for the following families adopting waiting children: (IL) Kaplan, (NY) Shuchat-Marx, (KC) Dutton, (KC) Lee, (NW) Dumas, (CA) Hammond, (TX) Saunders, (KC) Burke, (AZ) Kasten, and (OH) Flenar. Congratulations to these families also!

Today, we also received our next group of 30 China waiting children, those children who are older or have special medical needs. The China team will translate these waiting children files and prepare their information for CHI Family Net. More information will be provided as to when these children will be available for review on CHI Family Net.


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