Friday, November 30, 2007

Comments (!) and Blogroll Updates

Thanks to those who participated in the 'comment poll'! Comments are now enabled on this site. Attached to each post's comment form is this note:

These comments are moderated to be in line with Children's Hope values. Thank you for commenting! Please continue to utilize the Children's Hope Yahoo Groups and your adoption consultant for immediate assistance with any questions.
For those of you who receive blog updates via e-mail, you may view user comments by visiting the site online. Our blog host currently does not support RSS feeds for comments. However, once you have have commented, you may prefer then, to receive additional e-mail updates when fellow readers respond to your own comment.

As an additional feature, on Fridays a blogroll update will be posted featuring new blogs added to the blogroll and news of family transitions (from Waiting to Traveling and Traveling to Completed).

We hope you enjoy these new features!


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