Saturday, November 17, 2007

National Adoption Day!

"Thirteen lucky children adopted" "18 children placed as Salem court celebrates" "A day filled with family and emotion" "5 Siblings Adopted" "42 children adopted" "National Adoption Day Brings Hope" "200 Adoptions to be Finalized"

Scan todays headlines for National Adoption Day and let the words wash over you. Thousands of children were welcomed into new families today. It is simply amazing.

From the bottom of our hearts, Children's Hope wishes to congratulate everyone who experienced "their family blossoming" on this great day.

Bryn Hough of News 14 Carolina reminds us, "while kids in need will find a new home over the weekend, there are still much more waiting for a family to call their own." We can't wait for another child to experience the love of a family...tomorrow and the next day.

Happy National Adoption Day!


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