Friday, November 2, 2007

National Adoption Month—Celebrate Day 2

Whether you are a supporter of adoption, a family considering adopting internationally, or a family completed through adoption—take a moment today to get to know your peers.

Children's Hope families share about their adoption process through their online journals on the Children's Hope blogroll. Along the right-hand sidebar of this site, you will find families in all stages of the adoption process:

Waiting couples and singles are putting together their paperwork for China, Vietnam, Colombia, Ethiopia, Russia, or Kazakhstan. These families are waiting for a day to mark down in the history of their lives—the day they are matched with their child.

Traveling families are in the midst of it all: traveling to meet their child face-to-face, bonding in their child's birth country, and officially completing their adoption, uniting their family forever.

Completed families are now home, spending everyday learning to be an advocate, a superparent, and a conscientious adoptive mom or dad to each child in their family.

Spend some time today visiting these families' sites and send them encouraging words and comments. Let them know you are there and join in on the conversation. You'll be visiting a part of the Children's Hope adoption community!


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