Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Children's Hope January E-news, Available Online Now

'The Call'. You are waiting for it, you remember it, you cherish it. If you wait years or only months, nothing diminishes the joy of that moment, when the phone rings and you realize - you are a parent. Two-time adoptive mom, Pam Bischoff waited in anticipation for her friends to feel that same joy, too.

Read Pam's story, in the January E-news available online. With Christmas just behind us, and Chinese New Year (and Tet!) just ahead on February 7, your child's birth culture is on your heart. Beyond the holidays and festivities, Jean MacLeod reminds us that birth culture is both race and relational, too. See how you can share these important aspects with your child.

For the holiday, check out the Kids Corner and celebrate Chinese New Year (you don't have to have completed a Chinese adoption to enjoy this!) by making Chinese lanterns, dragon centerpieces, or hand puppets with Nick, Jr.'s new star Kai-lan. The animated Chinese-American girl will make her breakout performance on February 7 on the new series, Ni Hao, Kai-lan.

There's more...see for yourself.


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