Friday, January 25, 2008

US Department of State to Issue an Official Statement on International Adoptions from Vietnam

The US Department of State held a conference call today with all US agencies facilitating international adoptions in Vietnam. This call was to inform agencies of a US Department official statement soon to be released, warning potential application families of the current US/Vietnam Memorandum of Understanding set to expire in September 2008.

The State Department still does not know whether the agreement will be resigned in September or not. This statement will notify families, unaware of current conditions, to possibly reconsider beginning an adoption from Vietnam at this time.

Children's Hope has continued to update our families about the current situation in Vietnam and we will continue to do so. This update is to prepare you as you see warnings appear on outside chat groups, e-mails or through the US Department of State web site. We expect the announcement to be made on Monday at the earliest.

Click here, for US Department of State udpates.


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