Monday, February 25, 2008

Two New Banners to Promote Children's Hope on Your Blog

On Friday I released a Children's Hope logo banner. The logo links directly to Children's Hope main web site. Families may display this logo banner to announce Children's Hope International as their agency, graphically on their sidebar.

Friday's logo had a clear background. Unfortunately, it was difficult to see on darker blogskins. Today, I have uploaded a logo with a white background, which is more visible. Find it here!

As WW requested, the below logo banner is for 3-column blogs or those with thinner sidebars (150 px).

Also, just before Christmas, Children's Hope began promoting 'Gifts for Good'. There are many ways you may donate to orphans left behind just by using your normal shopping habits. When you are shopping at grocery stores, you may feed both your family and malnourished orphans. Shop through Charity Blast at Target or Wal-mart, at hotels such as the Radisson, or even at specialty stores like Sephora, Netflix or Petco, and a percentage of your purchase may be donated to Children's Hope. Their list is quite extensive. Click on the 'Gifts for Good' logo for more details or click on 'Want this badge?' to upload your own blog banner to help spread the word.


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Sharon said...

Hi Jennifer,
Wow! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I am honored. It is so neat to hear from you.
About that quilt, yesterday, I discovered some stitching that goes along the top on the back that spells: 1234567 Bailey abcdefg
If the light was not just right, I wouldn't have noticed. I wonder what other surprises we might find in it! Our Aunt Mary is keeping quiet.

CHI has a great group and I wouldn't have this beautiful keepsake and celebration of adoption from China if it were not for the CHI families.
God Bless and
Thanks for all you do!!
Sharon Flath

The Wilson's said...

I added the badge but my sidebar is a little smaller and it doesn't fit all the way. Some badges adjust automatically to the size but this one didn't. Any way you could make it a litte smaller for the 3 pane blogs?


Children's Hope International said...

Thanks for asking, Wendy! I have added another badge for thinner sidebars (150px) to the above post.

Fun to read your old blog, about your orange hair experience. :)

Dan, Misty & Ashar said...

Thanks for the links! Great idea. Will add them to the blog!

Children's Hope International said...

Thanks, Misty!