Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome to the Guided Tour of Children's Hope February E-news!

This year, Children’s Hope will be sending fewer print newsmagazines by mail courier. Which means? The e-news is now jam packed! Take the guided tour, and discover all that's inside:

Every month we feature a great family story. This month, you'll hear from Danielle Riddle. Through the mouth of her adoption judge, this mom adopting from Russia discovered her miracle. Home through the holidays and a first birthday, Danielle was able to experience life anew with her new daughter drawn close in her arms. It was perfect timing.

We also share a chosen Blog of the Month- this month a family who is currently traveling in Ethiopia for her son, just as you read this! Read her adoption story - one of taking risks and moving forward with inspiring faith.

From one adoptive parent to another, Parent-to-Parent's Jean MacLeod shares topical wisdom garnered from parenting three daughters, two of whom were adopted through Children's Hope from China, and through co-editing one of the most comprehensive adoption parenting books available today, Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections.

Most of you will remember Karen Taylor's video of Children's Hope - China's Hope Center. On January 31, I promised details on Karen's volunteer trip to China in the February e-news. You'll find that promise fulfilled in this month's Development Aid feature.

Special to the E-news this month, our print newsletter contributor and Adoption MD, Dr. Christine Poulos, shares on a topic not often-enough discussed in international adoption. Seventy percent of Children's Hope families battle infertility and often subsequent depression. From her personal experience, Dr. Poulos shares how you may beat depression, sans antidepressants.

I told you this issue was packed. There's still more!

Our Kids Corner comes at you every month with kid-friendly activities and recipes for something fun for our families with kids at home. Have kids and waiting to adopt? Visit this page together with your children...any activity here - either cultural or timely - will remind them their new brother or sister is coming soon!

Our church volunteers saw the great impact of the Christmas Tree of Hope project. But you don't have to be a CHI church volunteer to get involved in the specially featured 3 Days of Focus. Speak with your church youth pastor about helping teens turn off their iPods and PSPs and turn on their focus on God. Their faith will be impacted and their minds opened to helping third-world villages receive water, orphans receive life-saving surgeries, and much more. The incoming generation will be a generation that sees the world as it is and changes it for the better. Help make it happen.

And of course, you don't want to miss the opportunity to get updates on your country program. Maybe the best part? Pictures from families already home! You'll love seeing their happy faces every month.

Now you're in the know. Check it out!


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