Monday, March 10, 2008

7 Herreras- 3 years!

Tim and Judy Herrera of Missouri adopted three siblings from Colombia in February 2005.

In celebration of three years together as a family, The Herreras took a family photo (above) and wanted to send it along with their first family photo taken in Colombia, just 10 minutes after they met! (below)

Judy writes:

It is amazing how much Danny, Angie and Andres have changed. Even Lindsay (now 19) has changed quite a bit in 3 years!

Just for interest, here are some of the other changes:

Danny (11 years old on March 1) has grown almost 6 inches and gained 11 pounds. He has lost all of his baby teeth and is working on his 12 year molars.

Angie (10 on March 15) has grown almost 9 inches and gained 21 pounds. She, too, has lost all her baby teeth and has her 12 year molars. Since joining our family she has broken her arm and put her hand through the storm door window. She also now wears
glasses and has braces.

Andres (8 on March 25) has grown almost 7 inches and gained 13 pounds. He has lost 8 teeth and grown 6 of them back, so far. He has learned to ride a bike and tie his shoes.

Three years has brought a lot of changes for all 7 of us! It has been an adventure that God has been faithful to lead us on!

There have been many surprises along the way, but we are so proud of our family as a whole and each member individually. Each of us has had to overcome and rise above many challenges - and we have!

God bless you all!

A photo of the three young Herreras, at the airport in 2005, graces the wall of Children's Hope headquarters in St. Louis. To a great family - congratulations on 3 years together!


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