Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Children's Hope March E-news, Available Online Now

It's a story you may not often have the chance to see - that of 'The Other Family'. When Claire became a part of Children's Hope China's Waiting Children Program. Two families fell in love with her. The second family, the Gours, will travel to make her their own in May... Although it may be that little Claire was meant to be a Gour all along.

“I wondered at the time why [the first family] decided not to pursue her adoption but I did not think I would ever know,” says Chelsea. “Now I do.”

Discover how these two families became uniquely intertwined through their love for Claire, in Chelsea Gour's story in this month's E-news.

Children's Hope Russia Program is flooded with travel arrangements and preparations, and many of our families have become practiced paperwork professionals as they update their documents. Shannon Frederick made her paperwork fun with a few photo ops in this month's Blog of the Month.

Let's go fly a kite! Spring is here and April 4 begins a 3-day Tomb Sweeping holiday, celebrated in China and Vietnam. The holiday serves a dual purpose: honoring ancestors by attending to grave sites and flying kites during the day – and at night - to celebrate the season of new bounty. No matter which country is your child's first home - you can make your own kite to celebrate the day known as Qingming (China), Tết Thanh (Vietnam), Clear Brightness Festival or Spring Remembrance (English) - in the March Kids Corner.


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