Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcoming in a New Era for Adoption: More Orphanage Staffs Learn Chinese Online System

In late February, the CCAA held their second training session for the CCAA Online Information System for China adoptions, which is greatly speeding the matching of parents to children who are available for adoption and are also harder to place.

The special needs of these children range from birthmarks or repaired cleft/lip palate to those children who are older or have more difficult medical diagnoses.

Special needs children share one of the same needs as those children that are classified as "non-special needs" - they all need loving forever homes. Children's Hope is excited to have been a part of bringing this specialized computer training to Chinese orphanages, through the generosity of donor ASG Co. and Arthur and Carole Allen.

Read CCAA's announcement, here.


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