Friday, April 4, 2008

Busy Week of Adoption Travel!

Frequent Flyer miles are piling up this week for Children's Hope families. There are 44 families on adoption trips this first week of April.

* A group of 25 families are with their new children in China this week.
* There are 13 Russia families who are either on their first or second trip.
* Two families in Ethiopia fly home with their new babies this weekend while one family came home from Colombia on Wednesday.
* Two additional families arrived back home yesterday from Kazakhstan with another family now headed in that direction today.
Want to follow along with a few of these families? Check out the Traveling Families blogroll:

* The Anzaldis--NY China SN DOT 3/25/08
* The Gebhardts--IL Russia T2 DOT 3/31/08
* The Hollises--OH Colombia DOT 4/11/08 - About to leave!
* The Kellers--MD Vietnam DOT 4/14/08 - About to leave!
* The Komnicks--IL Ethiopia DOT 3/23/08
* The Mains--IL Russia #2 T2 DOT 3/30/08
* The Millers--MO China SN DOT 3/26/08
* The Williams--VA Russia T2 DOT 4/9/08 - About to leave!
* The Wilsons--MD Russia DOT 4/10/08 - About to leave!


More Blogroll Additions and Family Transitions
Blogs New to the Blogroll:

The Brandts--MD Russia 2/08 (Completed)
The Chambers--MO Colombia (Waiting)
The Friedrichs--MO Vietnam 11/06 (Completed)
The Hymans--TX Ethiopia (Waiting)
The Nothums--AZ China 8/04 (Completed)
For the Nothums, Friedrichs, and Brandts, I noted their child's adoption month and year in their link description. Let me know if this is helpful and I will update the Completed Families blogroll to show when families arrived home.

Thank you for your input, and congratulations to all of our traveling families!


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Anonymous said...

We are also a CHI family in China right now!:) We are adopting a 3.5 year old boy from the October waiting children list. We are having a WONDERFUL trip to China- thank you so much CHI for making our dreams come true!!!:)

Morales Family

Children's Hope International said...

Thank you for sharing, Morales Family! I'll add your link to the blogroll, too. I've already been following along from the yahoo groups and your son is precious.

I love your photos!