Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Fasika - Ethiopian Easter!

Happy Fasika (Ethiopian Easter) on behalf of all Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia!

Fasika is the most important festival for Ethiopia's devoted followers of the Orthodox Church. Followers fast for 56 days, abstaining from meat and animal products like egg, butter, and milk. They pray and treat others, and themselves, as positively as possible - no cursing and no gossiping! During this time, spouses do not share the same bed.

Fasika holds a unique place in the Orthodox Church. The day is celebrated in remembrance of Christ's crucifixion; the 56 days of fasting is a symbolic representation of sharing in His sacrifice for all human beings. Followers celebrate Fasika with intense joy, food, drinks and the exchanging of gifts. Keeping the tradition alive, Children’s Hope International - Ethiopia will distribute holiday gifts to 150 Ethiopian orphan.

Today (Miaziya 17, 2000 Eth. C) is Good Friday in Ethiopia and Ethiopian Easter will be celebrated this Sunday (Miaziya 19, 2000 Eth.C). The Children's Hope International - Ethiopia office is closed today in celebration of the holiday.


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