Friday, May 9, 2008

Blogroll Additions and Family Transitions

Blogs New to the Blogroll:

The Carlisles--ME Ethiopia (Waiting)
The Johnsons--FL Colombia (Waiting)
The Martins--CA Ethiopia (Waiting)
The Uhlenbrocks--OH Colombia (Waiting)
Waiting Families No Longer, Families Beginning Their Travel:
The Baggetts--AL Russia DOT 5/13/08
The Canestraros--OH Russia T1 DOT 5/16/08
Welcome Home! A Newly Completed Family:
The Wheelers--GA Ethiopia 5/08


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Anonymous said...

Will you please update this page to list whose waiting for what age/# of children?
It would be helpful to know how many families are in process by country, how many are waiting for referrals and how many were assigned to regions and waiting versus those who are newly home (in 2009).

Children's Hope International said...

Age and specific family requests are considered private information. The family, however, may release this information on their own blog as they wish. Also, please consider that the blogroll is in no way a complete list of Children's Hope Waiting Families.

Thank you for your feedback!