Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank You For Joining Us at the 2008 Annual Reunion Picnic!

Everyone at Children's Hope wants to thank YOU for joining us at the Children's Hope International 2008 Reunion Picnic with special event Night of Hope!

The Night of Hope

Every year, Children's Hope supports nutritious meals for the Vietnamese orphanages we work with for international adoption. Friday, the evening before the reunion, A Night of Hope silent auction at the Marriott West in St. Louis County allowed families to come together to support this cause, while enjoying each other and a relaxing evening.

Check out our Children's Hope Artists on our Associate Program's MySpace page by clicking here. Lend your support for these great artists; become a friend!

The event outdid itself! Forty plus auction items led to initial excitement, as an appearance by St. Louis Cardinal's Fredbird kicked it up a notch. Fredbird elicits smiles, handshakes, hugs, and the occasional shyness. Those not shy of the big friendly bird were able to join him in the Hokey Pokey and a sing-a-long. Everyone was sad when he had to leave, but Cicoff the Jester - a Children's Hope Artist and performer soon took over the stage. Between juggling and balancing feats, Cicoff managed to not only keep the kids' attention, but teach them heart-warming lessons to take home as well.

As the evening progressed, the kids did not tire. Children's Hope Artists - Travis Lee Band and the Eric Prewitt Band - had everyone dancing! Children's Hope is so blessed by this new ministry, as we come together with artists with like-minded mission - to find homes, health and hope for children in need through Orphan Sponsorship. Lead singer Travis Lee's own sister benefitted from the loving support of a sponsor when she was a child. When she was adopted into their family, the extra care she received touched him deeply. Applause for these two bands, all around!

Next year we look forward to another event much like this one - hopefully next year with some food! Spread the word and encourage your friends to come. It will be an all out bidding war, all of which will bring peace to a child's heart and a full belly so they may grow physically strong and emotionally ready for their future and a family.

The Vietnamese Nutrition Program is still very much in need. If you feel led to support this project, please give at www.HelpAnOrphan.org.

2008 Reunion Picnic!

On Saturday, July 12, over 800 people from 23 states came together to celebrate at the Children's Hope 2008 Annual Reunion. Bandana's BBQ was served for lunch, with special guest and Children's Hope Artist Kiersten Venezia in performance. Also special this year were Chinese dancers, legendary face painting and balloon animals, a puppet show and a parade march for all the children.

Thank you to everyone who came for making this a great event. All of our staff enjoyed meeting you and we can't wait to see you next year!


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Stacie said...

The pictures are wonderful! The picnic was so much fun - thanks to everyone at CHI who put it together for us!