Monday, August 18, 2008

India Flood Relief

Alert from Cory Barron, Children's Hope Foundation

Since early August, the southern coastal regions of India have had continuous rains. Those in poor living conditions and the homeless are suffering from a lack of adequate shelter and medical attention, and rotting food. Children’s Hope - India has been aiding the suffering of those affected by this terrible flooding. Our program staff is now in need of more rice and medicines as well as donations to buy cooking vessels, blankets and sarees for the women. To help at least 1000 flood victims we need to buy:

1000 blankets = $1800
1000 sarees = $3600
10,000 kgs of rice = $4800
In addition, Children’s Hope India plans on staging 50 MOBILE MEDICAL CAMPS in 50 flooded villages. The cost of this project will be approximately $12,500 to supply medical attention to over 12,000 villagers.

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Caption: Photos from the week of August 11, Children's Hope India Mission to the Nations Gives Food and Medical Aid to Flood Victims

Additional Resources: India flood coverage from Reuters


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