Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Weightlifter Visits Children's Hope Beijing Foster Home

During an Olympic week of activities, USA weightlifter Melanie Roach found her "most touching thing she has ever done" not on the competition stage, but in Children's Hope International's Home of Children's Hope in Beijing.

It was this past Saturday, the day before she placed 6th in Olympic finals, that Roach brought her Olympic friends and a camera crew from NBC to visit CHI's foster home.

The children here are abandoned; often their biological parents, overburdened by medical obligations. Here at the Home of Children's Hope the children receive surgical support and trained medical care. Melanie Roach's plea is for these children to find a home as a Waiting Child. Many of these children were not adopted prior to their stay at the Home due to their special medical needs. Now because of their surgical care, they have a chance.

You can help this important work continue. Give Now to Children's Hope's China Greatest Need Fund or consider sponsoring a child who is left behind, with no chance of adoption.

In the Shadow of the Olympics, China's Sichuan Citizens Still Suffer Post-Quake

Earlier in the Olympic week, Melanie's mother-in-law and Washington State Senator - Pam Roach - had visited earthquake-devastated Sichuan on a tour led by CHI's Melody Zhang. Although the earthquake that literally rocked the nation on May 12 occurred over 3 months ago, the children and victims in this region will soon be entering a winter season - while still living in tents and temporary housing. Hope Centers were erected post-quake, manned by Children's Hope trained volunteers and counselors. These Centers provide resources for families for aid, counseling and a library for children with no schools to begin the year.


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