Friday, October 10, 2008

Referral News for Ethiopia and China Families

This week the Children's Hope's Ethiopia team was overjoyed to offer 3 families a referral; one family accepted their referral today, October 10. These referrals were in addition to the 5 referrals last week.

The children referred this week are two girls and one boy. The girls are 5 ½ months and 7 weeks old, and the boy is 15 months old. Two families waited 6 ½ months for their referral and the third waited 5 ½ months for a referral. We send our congratulation to all of the families and the children! These referral families will tentatively travel for their children in 2 months.

This week the Ethiopia program also received court dates for some families with referrals waiting to travel. Congratulations!

China families - Although there are rumors that the CCAA issued an additional day of referrals, Children's Hope can only verify that the CCAA processed referrals for the month of February 2006 and the cut off date was February 15, 2006. Children's Hope's next log in date for waiting families is February 17, 2006.


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