Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And the Referrals Keep Coming...

For more than one dad, mom, grandmother and brother - referrals are making this Christmas season bright. Congratulations to eight Ethiopia families!

Kevin, Heidi, grandmother, and brother Grant take their first look at their Ethiopia referral, Tuesday, December 16th. After a positive court decision, the 2-month-old boy whose photos elicited tears and awe will have two brothers, Grant, 8, and Garrett, 6.

On Tuesday, December 16th, Children's Hope Ethiopia Program received three referrals for our waiting Ethiopia families. Then today, Wednesday, we have received five more! The referrals given on Tuesday were for boys, ages 7 weeks, 2 months and 10 months. These three young infants are from Numan Orphanage. Congratulations to the happy families!

The referrals given today were for two boys and three girls. The boys are 2 months and 5 ½ months old; the girls, 2 years, 19 months and 2 months. Two of the children were abandoned and 3 were relinquished by a birth relative. We rejoice today as these children have an opportunity to find a loving, forever family to nurture them as they grow.

Congratulations to each of our families! What a great Christmas present!


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