Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What She Learned from Returning to Her Orphanage

"Last summer, two friends and I returned to the Wuhan Child Welfare Institute in China to work. This was difficult to do because it is against Chinese law for foreigners to work in a state-run facility. We got special permission because the orphanage was once our home. As the first children to be adopted from China in June of 1992, we were also the first to pave the way to return. This fall, we raised $25,000 through Families with Children from China for heart surgeries for these kids."
Zoƫ Rose Xia Shi Ting Guastella recently wrote a series for the China Connection, a journal for adoptive parents, and the CRLS Register Forum. This week she shared an excerpt with The Cambridge Chronicle. To learn more about her experience and to read the full excerpt visit the Chronicle's website by clicking here.

Your family can follow the example of this young woman. Return to your child's homeland through Children's Hope's partnership with OCDF China Tours and give back to your orphanage with a personal fundraiser. You can even promote your fundraiser through an online web page of your own.

Are You Ready?

Returning to your child's orphanage is an important decision, not to be made lightly. To begin your preparation and to help evaluate your family's readiness, consider researching articles by Dr. Jane Liedtke, founder and CEO of OCDF China Tours, provided below.
* "Returning to China with Your Adopted Child"

* "What's in an Orphanage File?"

* "Walking Down the Village Path"


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