Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Introducing CHI Guest Bloggers and our First, Kathleen Carscadden

Welcome to Children's Hope International's Guest Bloggers! This is a new family feature to the Children's Hope blog. Beyond sharing a one-time story, CHI Guest Bloggers will be returning to write on varied topics - from cultural events, timely news, and best of all, their personal experience.

We will be introducing several CHI Guest Bloggers in the coming weeks. Help welcome these writers by leaving a comment on their articles. Thank you! If you would like to suggest a topic for their blog posts, email Communications@ChildrensHope.net.

Introducing Kathleen

Kathleen Carscadden is an adoptive mother. She's also an advocate for Special Needs adoption.

She and her husband Bob adopted Jessica from CHI's China Waiting Child Program in October 2007. Welcome Kathleen!


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