Friday, June 19, 2009

Children's Hope Spring E-news, Available Online Now!

In this spring edition of the Children’s Hope E-news:

Choosing to Love - Adopting a child of toddler age or beyond takes creative parenting and lots of love. Experienced parents, Todd and Gretchen adopted their adorable six-year-old daughter Selah from Ethiopia in January of this year. For Gretchen, their bonding is about choices.

A Vision of Their Future: Adopting a Child with Visual Impairment - A mother to three children with visual impairment, adoptive parent Velleta Scott is an expert in training in ophthalmic disorders and parenting the once unknown. When Velleta adopted her first child, she had questions. Now she has answers.

Read these stories and program updates from each of Children's Hope's countries by clicking here.

Have something to share with fellow Children's Hope families for next month's e-news? Email with your recent photos and story ideas. Thank you for sharing!


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