Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tina Answers Your China Adoption Questions on This Week's "Creating a Family"

Update: Listen now for China adoption news, answers to special needs adoption questions and more from CHI's China Program Director Tina Qualls on this week's Creating a Family radio. http://tobtr.com/s/619071

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Children's Hope International's China Program Director, Tina Qualls, will be a guest on this week’s "Creating a Family" radio show, Wednesday, July 29. The "Creating a Family" podcast is featuring the future of international adoptions from China. The show aims to answer the questions: What’s happening to Chinese adoptions? Is the wait increasing and why? What is meant by special needs adoptions? How do you adopt a preschool or elementary age child?

You can send any of your questions to host Dawn Davenport to use during the show, by emailing Dawn at dawn@creatingafamily.com. Thanks for listening!

Listen to the show Wednesday, July 29, 12-1 Eastern Time.


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