Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Future Stars" - Special Needs Children in Need of Immediate Homes

If you have been researching adoption, you may be familiar with Waiting Children Programs, working to place children that are older or have special medical needs with forever families. Perhaps you have seen pictures, medical reports, or even have read growth reports that detail a child's care, favorite gestures and eating habits.

But until you see a video of the child, you may have never truly seen the child. Through video you see how small their needs really are and instead how big their hearts are. They are precious children. Their futures are bright, but they need a family to help them shine.

In a new dedicated list, we are introducing "Future Stars". See a preview below, then click here - http://adopt.childrenshope.net/programs/waiting/preview.php - and enter your name and email to see these wonderful children.


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