Friday, September 17, 2010

Send Your Story to Joint Council for National Adoption Month

As the kids start back at school, the temperatures slowly drop and the sun begins to set a little earlier each night, fall is definitely around the corner. For those closely involved in ensuring homes, health and hope for children in need across the globe, it means that November and National Adoption Month is just around the corner, too.

National Adoption Month is a great time to celebrate, through big and small actions, your upcoming or completed adoption, mindfully aware at the same time of the children still in need of homes both domestically and overseas.

This November for National Adoption Month, Joint Council on International Children's Services will be highlighting "the stories of those children throughout the world who have yet to be served by adoption and celebrate those children who have thrived in their adoptive family."

From today through October 15, 2010 Joint Council will be accepting stories from families and other concerned individuals who have seen the plight of children who live outside of family care and those who have gained permanency, safety and love through adoption. To submit a story, you may follow the directions below.

Directions for submitting a story:

Email the story of a child who has yet to be served through adoption and/or a story of a child who has thrived in his/her adoptive family to Jason Cohn at by October 15, 2010.

Stories may be:

  • Three minute video
  • 750 words, please include photos of yourself and the child
  • If applicable, please include a release of information for each story submitted.
  • If the child highlighted is living outside of family care, individuals are encouraged to use a pseudonym for the child and send photos with discretion and with the child’s safety in mind.

Questions regarding the campaign and submitting stories should be directed to

Thanks so much for participating and gearing up for National Adoption Month in support of domestic and international adoption!

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