Friday, January 7, 2011

A Change for the Good in Your Family TV Programming :: "Change of Plans" on Fox This Saturday

This season, Fox is bringing back Family Movie Night and in doing so they are bringing the topic of adoption front and center. This Saturday at 8 p.m. EST, Fox pairs with Walmart and P&G to make a new made-for-TV movie starring Brooke White (of American Idol fame) in a thought provoking and family friendly plot.

When a tragic Peace Corps accident in Africa leaves four children orphaned for the second time, a final will reveals unlikely prospective parents. Sally and her husband Jason are a free-spirited, fast-paced "cool couple" with a life plan. And kids aren't in them. As you can imagine, the introduction of an instant multi-cultural family does indeed create a change of plan.

The kids are special. They remind me of many Children's Hope kids - and for a 90-minute movie, each of them showcases a depth far greater than many adults (while still being kids). The sixteen-year-old is American but raised in Africa with a mind for social justice, her high school brother is from Guatemala. The elementary school aged boy is from Uganda and the youngest girl is adopted from China.

"Change of Plans" strokes ideas of culture (particularly what a shock American culture truly can be), mourning and grief, and also striking the right balance of humility and self-confidence in parenting.

The backbone of this film is that of real world choices, and the ongoing lesson that sacrifice is worth every bit of its pain, and that one of life's most important discoveries is that it is more than simply you and me.

Together we can send a message to producers and advertisers that there is a market for quality programs. 

I recommend watching “Change of Plans” with your family and friends. Use these resources to further enrich this time with your family and make the most of your Saturday night together.

A Focus on the Family "Change of Plans" discussion guide. Explore the deeper lessons and meaning of the movie with your family. Add questions of your own, relevant to their own personal experience.

Immediately following the movie, a 45 minute webcast on adoption and foster care, featuring your live Q&A with National Center for Adoption and an experienced panel.

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