Friday, April 1, 2011

To Learn From... Again

From featured blogger Stacie, adoptive mom of 2 Ethiopian kids

Being a mom the second time around is definitely different. I'm way more relaxed with Lia than I was with Micah.  I don't stress about the small things as much as I did with my first baby. Ah, but I do still have those moments of utter confusion, stress, and basket-dropping, so don't think Number Two has made it magically easy or anything like that. One thing that does strike me is how much I've forgotten already. I was watching family YouTube videos with the kids recently (thank you, Apple TV) and I couldn't believe how little Micah was. How his tiny feet fit into his little sandals. How he waddled when he walked.

This knowledge makes me desperate to notice and remember each little moment of Lia's babyhood. I know I'll forget again, but this time I'm oh-so aware of how fleeting these moments are. How it's my last time (and I'm 99.9% sure of this) with a baby to care for. To carry on my hip. To snuggle with in the wee early morning hours. To rock to sleep. To hear first words like 'cheese', 'cookie', and 'yummy'. To teach. To learn from. 

It also makes me take notice of my Big Boy even more. Soon he'll be off to kindergarten (okay, I still have 1.5 years), and then he'll be a surly boy, and then in college. I just know it. So, I remember to take the time to have a light saber duel. To scoop him up as he runs towards me after school. To grab his hand and tell him how proud I am of him. To watch him try new things, and try again. To encourage. To teach. To learn from. 

Some days, being a mom is exhausting and I'm quite sure that I suck at it. Other days, I feel like I'm doing okay and remember how truly lucky I am to have two wonderful children to fill my life with amazement. 

Lia and Micah, lucky mom Stacie's two children, adopted from Ethiopia.

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