Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When You Can Give Love to a Child, Do You Do It?

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"Nothing stops her. Nothing," Bunnie says about her daughter, who is missing a part of her left arm.

Bunnie Wilson has adopted four times; each time she adopted a Waiting Child - a child who may be older or may have "special" medical needs. If you have ever wondered what this kind of adoption might look like, Bunnie invites you now to her home. Come visit, and meet her kiddos and see adoption through her persepctive.

Part 1 of 2.

There are children, right now, waiting for a home. See their faces and take a moment today to see into their hearts. View 26 Waiting Children from China. There are others waiting in Ethiopia, Russia and Colombia. Contact us; we are seeking homes for each child.

Phone: 1-888-899-2349

*Children's Hope highly suggests you do your own research with your pediatrician and/or specialist concerning the child you are considering before you commit to adopting a Waiting Child.

**Every week, our Children’s Hope adoption experts will answer questions important to you and your adoption via CHI-TV. They will also tackle the most talked about international adoption topics of the day. Be sure to watch and participate via the comments or Facebook!
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Anonymous said...

I would think that CHI would encourage all families to discuss medical information with a doctor. This video gives the impression that there is no need to speak with a doctor but to trust the lords calling. Families need to be prepared and I would expect agencies to encourage doctor consults.

Children's Hope International said...

This is a good point, Anonymous. While Bunnie personally did not consult with doctors, Children's Hope firmly encourages families to do so.

Our formal statement in our information guides that give initial research links or process guidelines is: "We highly suggest you do your own research with your Pediatrician and/or Specialist concerning the child you are considering before you commit to adopting the child. You need to be fully prepared to address the special needs long before you travel to China to bring your child home."

That should be said here as well.