Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CHI-TV :: "Should we keep our child's given name?"

This week on CHI-TV: Families call frequently asking, "Should we change the name of our newly adopted child?" Sharon Turner, Ethiopia Program Director for Children's Hope International, discusses this sometimes "hot" topic, with both the benefits and drawbacks of both retaining birth names and also those of giving a child a new American name. Sharon's experience may help in your thought process of making the best decision for your family.

If you are a family that has considered this question, join the conversation by commenting and letting us know your thoughts and insights.

Watch the video "Should we keep our child's given name?" below.

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Amber said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement on this subject. We did ponder this question, not even quite on the waiting list, yet wanting our biological children to be part of the this time we have given our future daughter a name that fits with our family theme and that has a special meaning as well....that way our children here are praying for their future sister by name rather than some "girl" in Africa. We will probably give/keep her Ethiopian name as a middle name. However I think being flexible will be a good thing----if as an older child (we should be adopting a toddler) she doesn't want to give up her name---then we can use this name we have prayed for as a nickname. But with the wait that is before us---it is helping my three young children bond/and feel apart of the process as they pray for sister Chloe. (Which goes with Eden, Eli, Tobe, & Chloe)