Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How can I save money towards my adoption? :: CHI-TV with Julie Gumm

We've had a lot of fun talking to adoptive mom and author Julie Gumm this past week. Today, the author of Adopt Without Debt gives us a few specific ways to drive back your debt and save towards your adoption.

At the heart of this conversation, Julie combats the problem: 'You have been called by God to adopt. Now how do you afford it?' Today we discuss several tips from Adopt Without Debt -  from simple measures like planning ahead your family's dinner menu and packing your lunch, to using your talents to bring in extra income... and taking a good look at what sits in your driveway.

See the conversation here by video and continue it by commenting on this post. What have you cut back on to reach your goals?

Adoption without Debt: part 2- ideas to save you money from Children's Hope International on Vimeo.

Next time with Julie, return to discover her favorite fundraiser and more savings tips. For Julie's full cost-savings arsenal, purchase her book via her website Adopt Without Debt. This series is a part of CHI-TV - video by Children’s Hope adoption experts and professional guests, answering questions important to you and your adoption.


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