Friday, December 9, 2011

International Adoption Discussion on NPR

Children’s Hope shares mic with investigative reporter covering adoption 

Actions by UNICEF and adoptions from Vietnam were two of the numerous international adoption topics explored Tuesday, during an hour long radio conversation on St. Louis National Public Radio. Cory Barron from Children’s Hope International and adoptive mom Trish Almond, joined NPR’s foreign affairs correspondent Alan Greenblatt, to talk about Greenblatt’s series of articles on international adoption.

Twice adopting from China, Trish Almond shares a heartfelt mother’s perspective while Barron gives an adoption agency view on the current state of international adoption. The live KWMU show, St. Louis on the Air, aired on the same day that the Congressional Quarterly Global Researcher published Greenblatt’s extensive 20 page article on his findings.

Why is the number of international adoptions declining?
Is the U.S. State Department working against international adoption?
Are the world’s orphans helped by international adoption?
Why do Americans choose to adopt internationally? 

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