Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Worth the Wait

Zoe enjoyed looking at the books she found at Children's Hope

Chris Calvin with baby Zoe
 It was one year ago, that 23-month-old Zoe was adopted and then traveled to her new home in Tennessee. Her proud parents, Glenda and Chris Calvin, of Dyersburg, were overwhelmed with emotion when they finally got the referral call from Children's Hope. The two months between that phone call and when they boarded a plane for China seemed like a sprint, compared to the four and a half years they waited. Their official international adoption dossier was logged into Beijing in May, 2006. And then the brakes came on for adoptions from China.

"In the middle, I was wondering would this ever happen," Glenda Weckman-Calvin said when describing the agony of waiting on the China adoption process.

In a visit yesterday to Children's Hope in St. Louis, Glenda and Chris were giving examples to the staff of what a "wonderful baby" Zoe has been; so expressive and adventurous. And although they said the long wait was torturous, Chris Calvin said, "It was worth the wait."  


Charolet R said...

Congratulations on bringing home Zoe! Having a new member brought to the family is always and exciting time, I know it was for my family! Like you, I adopted a little girl from China and my how the time has flown! She is already in her teens, asking me question about her natural parents and about China. I am so glad my daughter is curious about her heritage and I have found ways on http://onlineceucredit.com/edu/social-work-ceus-iap to help inform my daughter about her past and learn about her background.

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