Monday, April 8, 2013

Mission Accomplished - Rice for North Korean Families


Add The first truck, loaded with one ton of rice
from you who gave, gets ready to rollcaption
Thanks to your immediate response to the need for 5 tons of rice for North Korea, it was met-
plus hundreds of 40 gallon containers of Kimchi, 170 bundles of clothes @ 45lbs each plus 10
sewing machines were sent in to a village of 400 who would otherwise be left without
sustenance. I don't have adequate words to express my gratitude to you so I must simply
say "Thanks!"

If you were unable to participate in this effort a few weeks ago, there is still time for you to join
in. The need continues. New and genuine doors come open every week. I hope you can trust
me when I say that I know the people doing this - and I know it is getting done with integrity!
There is real suffering and hunger and you are making a difference.

Can you buy a ton of rice to feed the truly deprived families of North Korea?

This is a nation closed to the world - but open to our help through my trusted friends . A ton of
rice costs $1000 but you need to include another $150 to help us help them make it happen.
Every gift helps!

You can help right here, right now:
With deepest Gratitude

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