Thursday, May 30, 2013

a day at Alenah's House...


Alenah's House is our CHI foster home where staff and
volunteers provide children with physical therapy and a
loving sense of family.
A volunteer at Alenah's House reports:
his morning we volunteers were invited to join the ayis taking the younger children for a walk. It was lovely to see all the children and ayis enjoying the walk. We walked past the Green Tea House and stopped on a quiet side street where the children got a chance to sit down on a blanket for a rest and later on have a drink and snack. We then took turns walking some of the other children in the push chairs .We walked back in time for lunch, it was getting very hot outside at this point too.

Little John waited eight years to find his forever family.
Back at Alenah’s the children had lunch and I started feeding the little frail boy with muscle cramps, but it was very difficult. I asked an ayi if I was doing the right thing. It was really painful to watch him eat and being fed but he does really enjoy his food. We were surprised that he ate a full bowl of noodles!! I hope he carries on and manage to put a bit of weight on!!

We had some very good news today about John and Li Tao. They have been adopted and we got to see photos and letter of their families. It had us in tears seeing the letters written to John on his 9 th birthday from his family. We are so pleased for John who has been waiting so long for his forever family!!

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