Monday, June 17, 2013

Rescue in Ethiopia...


Our staff in Ethiopia learned of an orphanage where funds had been misappropriated and the children were left pretty much on their own.

Two CHI workers traveled over 6 hours on rocky roads to bring supplies.  Our workers bought milk, food and diapers and stayed until all the children had been bathed, had diaper and clothes changes, food to eat and milk to drink. They were allowed to take Tamrat, an exceedingly weak baby, back to the CHI House of Hope. “We left the city with Tamrat at 8pm in the evening as there is no hotel around to stay at. We have been praying all the way as the road is very rough and there was no light on the streets. Besides, Tamrat was very weak and has been suffering from stomach ache. After three hours, we have arrived at Hosana city, which has a hotel. We spent the night at the hotel but Tamrat didn’t sleep all night…. The Lord applied His mercy over us and Tamrat became better and better after 3pm. We started our trip again 7am in the morning and arrived in Addis around 11:30 am. When we arrived at House of Hope, all the nannies and staff welcomed Tamrat with love. We are writing this all as we feel very happy to be part of this blessing.”
We can all be part of this blessing .  Get started now.

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