Wednesday, July 24, 2013

THANK YOU from India...


One of our kind-hearted Partners in Hope received this message, along with the photo, from Pastor Paparao in India:

Greetings from CHIF-India Branch. I take this opportunity to thank you so much for your donation.  Your donation was used today to provide food to 135 school children.  All the children were so very happy for the food they received. All the children prayed for you by your name. Thank you so much fro your compassionate donation which is a great blessing to the children here in our rural area school.

We have started and running free schools where the children are receiving free education. Presently, in all our schools, more than 6000 children are receiving free education.  As and when we receive donation from the kind people like you, we are conducting food programs in our free schools. All these children are from low income groups, backward class families, Homeless families, untouchable families and their parents are not able to provide sufficient food for these children.  This is due to their deep poverty. Thank you for your kindness.
Please find that I am enclosing some photographs of this food program.

Kind regards to you,

Pastor. Paparao
CHIF - India Branch

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